Pageant Coach

Michelle Field holds a degree in Communications from Penn State University that has allowed her to successfully combine her passion for education and pageantry.  By utilizing 28 years of experience educating others on effective communication skills, along with 8 years of experience in pageantry, Michelle now teaches her clients the importance of learning to “Just breathe and connect with the crown.”  She has helped her clients earn local, state and national titles in systems such as Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Our Little Miss, Miss American Coed, National American Miss and Mrs. Galaxy, just to name a few.  Michelle is truly an expert in the field of pageantry, having walked in her clients shoes as a pageant contestant, titleholder, judge and emcee.  Having personally held titles such as Mrs. Colorado International 2009, Colorado Beauties of America 40’s (1st runner-up to the 2011 national title) and currently, Ms. United America 2012, gives Michelle an edge in sharing her knowledge with others.  Michelle has also received industry recognition with awards such as the Spirit of Pageantry award, Best Pageant Coach and has been a featured writer for The Pageant Planet.

When Michelle isn't immersed in the world of rhinestones and crowns, you will often find her volunteering with the Boy Scouts.  She has been recognized with an Outstanding Scouter award for Cub Scouts in 2009 and Boy Scouts in 2011.  After 27 years and 4 kids, Michelle and her husband have now turned their volunteer work into a full time job as the Superintendent of the Peaceful Valley Boy Scout Ranch.

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