Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss Colorado America

This weekend I enjoyed the Miss Colorado America pageant with my friend, Vicki Hughes, Miss New Mexico USA 1997. I love to go and encourage the women who are competing!

It was an honor to meet Jamie Duckhart-Conti, Miss Colorado America 2008.

It is always great to run into a sister queen, Jamie Patrick, Miss Colorado International 2009.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

All work and no play?

All work and no play? No way! As a way to encourage good behavior and cooperation in our Den we use a reward system. At the beginning of each Den meeting, we light a candle just after the Pledge of Allegiance. The candle remains lit for the duration of the meeting as long as there is respect for each other and the adults in charge. I am proud to say that we have never had to blow out the candle! At the end of the meeting, the boy that was best behaved gets to blow out the candle. At the end of the year, we celebrate the boys mutual respect by having a fun outing. This time we chose Chuck E. Cheese.

Working Together.


Field Goal!

Friendly competition.

Look at all the tickets I collected!

See what I bought with all those tickets?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

What an honor it was to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Frederic C. Hamilton Boy Scout Headquarters on Monday. It was a beautiful morning for such an occasion. This new building will truly be a one stop shop for Scouts. It houses the new Scout Shop as well as all other Scout related activities. It even has conference rooms for training and meeting purposes. For more information, please visit the Denver Area Council web page .

This was the official ribbon cutting. Frederic C. Hamilton for whom the building was named for was on hand to do the honors.

Mayor Hickenlooper and Past Council Chairman and President Pete Coors were some of the dignitaries attending the celebration.

M. Doak Jacoway, Chairman of the Board, and his lovely wife welcomed everyone to the event.

This sculpture of the Ideal, Unknown Scout is in front of the building and was donated by the Jacoway family. It is said that it is good luck to touch his ax. This sculpture represents the the story of William D. Boyce who was lost in London in the year, 1908. He was helped by a Boy Scout who refused a tip because it was his Good Turn for the day. Mr. Boyce brought Boy Scouts to America and founded what we know today as Boy Scouts of America in 1910. This February,We will celebrate 100 years! I am committed to taking this time tested organization into its second century. It continues teaching character, citizenship and personal fitness to today's young people. It is more relevant now than ever!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boy Scout Board of Review

Tonight I had the honor of sitting on my first Board of Review. It was for a young man who had fulfilled all the requirements for the rank of Tenderfoot. The board of review is an interview process that looks at how much the Scout can apply what he has learned in Boy Scouts to his every day life, what his plans are for his future in Scouting and how he is doing in life in general. We ended the interview with words of encouragement and helped him think about ways to advance to his next rank. It is very much like the interview process in Pageants. The skill of interviewing will take this young man far in life. In case you were wondering, yes, he passed with flying colors. Congratulations to another boy one step closer to the rank of Eagle.

Raingutter Regatta

Boy Scouts teaches character. One of they ways they do this is through friendly competition. Tuesday was our Pack's Raingutter Regatta. The boys make boats then "sail" them in real rain gutters filled with water.

The event started with a wonder picnic of Subway submarine sandwiches. Very fitting for a regatta.

The race is accomplished by the boys blowing on the sails. They are not allowed to touch the boats except to right it if it capsizes.

Part of the fun is cheering on all the participants.

The first, second and third place for each Den receives a medal. Every participant gets a patch for their brag vest.

The finale is a huge sunday that fills two raingutters with icecream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles.

No cheating and starting before everyone else. On your marks, get set, go!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Colorado CoEd Pageant

This past weekend was the Colorado CoEd Pageant. Emily and I attended as representatives for the International Pageant.

Erin, Mrs. Colorado Galaxy and Jessica, Miss Colorado Galaxy are two of my favorite queens. We always have such a great time together.

Alina Perry won Super Model for her age division. Way to go! Look for her in an upcoming edition of Super Models Unlimited.

Chaplain Rourk was one of the judges for the pageant.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Denver Heart Walk 2009

Today was the Denver Heart Walk. I had the privilege of signing up participants for Go Red for Women.

Emily Shlehuber is our new Miss Teen Colorado International. She has jumped in to her new position with energy and enthusiasm. Love the red feather boas we wore to draw attention to this wonderful program!

Emily, Patsy and I worked the booth during the entire morning. Patsy is one of the many amazing volunteers with the American Heart Association.

One of the celebrities who came out to support the walk is retired Denver Nuggets player Ervin Johnson. He was making an appearance at the empowerme2b booth. This is the AHA program for kids that I am the coordinator for Boy Scouts.

Another celebrity at the walk was the Colorado Rapids mascot Edson Eagle. Soccer is a great sport and a wonderful way to work your heart no matter what age you are.